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Dental Braces

Age is no barrier to correcting crowded teeth and the results in terms of better appearance and renewed self-confidence speak for themselves. We offer FREE ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATIONS for patients. Call us on 01235 – 815000

Invisalign – Invisible, Comfortable, Removable

At The Ladygrove Dental Practice we are proud to use Invisalign to treat our patients seeking that beautiful straight smile. Benefits of Invisalign braces:

  • Look incredible – these virtually invisible braces’ highly aesthetic appliance design means no one will even be able to tell you’re having treatment until your perfectly straight smile is complete.
  • Removable – you can put them in and take them out whenever you need to.
  • Oral hygiene is made easier – since they are removable you can brush and floss as normal.
  • Extremely comfortable – No brackets or archwires in sight; your smooth invisible braces sit perfectly over your teeth and curve below the gums to stop any irritation.

Our Invisalign care packages include:

  • Your ClinCheck – personalised 3D animation showing you what your smile will look like before after Invisalign treatment
  • ALL your Invisalign aligners
  • ALL your appointments during your teeth straightening journey
  • FREE upper and lower removable retainers – worth £300
  • FREE teeth whitening at the end of your treatment – worth £365
  • 12 months aftercare

Types of Invisalign at the Ladygrove:

  • Invisalign Full
  • Invisalign Lite
  • Invisalign Teen
  • Invisalign I7

How much will Invisalign cost?

The cost of your Invisalign treatment at our practice will depend on the type of invisible braces you choose. We offer payment plan options for our Invisalign patients, allowing them to pay monthly instalments during their teeth straightening journey.